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Antioxidant Protein Peptide Powder Easy Digest Peanut Protein Powder ISO9001

Minimum Order Quantity : 1kg, 25kg/drum, sample is available Packaging Details : Vacuum Aluminum Foil Bag; Fiber Drum for 25kg with inside double layer food grade poly bag
Delivery Time : 5-7 working days Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, Pay Pal, Alibaba Assurance Account
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Xi'an Le-Nutra
Certification: FDA,ISO9001,HACCP,HALAL,KOSHER etc

Detail Information

Appearance: Light Yellow Powder Extract From: Peanut
Used Part: Seed Active Ingredient: Protein Peptide
Grade: Food Grade Purity: 100% Natural
Function: High Nutritional Value, Lowers Plasma Cholesterol, Antioxidant And Anti-ageing, More Absorbable Than Soy Protein Use: Natural Food Additives, Sports Specific Food, Health Products, Baby Food, Sports Food, Fermented Food, Etc. Raw Materials For Food, Medicine And Cosmetics.
High Light:

100% Natural Peanut Powder Nutrition


Antioxidant Easy Digest Peanut Protein Powder


ISO9001 Peanut Protein Powder

Product Description

Product Introduction of Peanut Peptide Powder

Peanut peptides are enzymatically cleaved using targeted enzyme cleavage technology to select the active functional fragments in peanut proteins for enzymatic reaction. The peptide is then modified with enzyme technology to adjust some of the fragments of the peptide to give it a high nutritional content and unique flavour.

Antioxidant Protein Peptide Powder Easy Digest Peanut Protein Powder  ISO9001 0

Peanut protein is the residual material of peanut after extraction of oil and fat, also known as peanut meal, which is very rich in protein, and can be produced by enzymatic digestion of peanut peptides using targeted enzymatic separation technology and enzyme modification technology. Research shows that peanut peptide contains 8 kinds of amino acids which are essential for human body, especially the content of sulphur amino acid is quite high; peanut peptide also has good flavour and water holding capacity, in 1997, some scholars studied the baking aroma of its protein enzymatic product and found that this aroma is caused by the Maillard reaction between peptide and sugar and vitamin, etc. Nowadays, people have increasing demand for baked convenience food. The use of peanut peptides as a food additive can meet people's higher requirements for food flavour. In addition, peanut peptides as food additives, especially in a variety of nutritional food and beverage has a broad application prospects. Peanut protein active peptide is one of the peptides, which has the characteristics and efficacy of the above mentioned peptides.


Function of Peanut Peptide Powder

1. It is absorbed directly without digestion. It is protected from the body's pro-enzymes, pepsin, pancreatic enzymes, amylase, digestive enzymes and acids and bases by a layer of protection on its surface and it enters the small intestine directly in its complete form. It is absorbed by the small intestine and enters the body's circulatory system to perform its functions.

2. Absorption is particularly rapid. Absorption into the circulatory system is as fast acting as an intravenous needle injection.

3. It is 100% absorbent, has no waste or excretion and can be used in its entirety by the body.

4. It is absorbed without expending body energy and does not increase the burden on gastrointestinal functions.

5. Acts as a carrier. It transports various nutrients to various cells, tissues and organs of the body.

6. Rich in nutrients, amino acids and peptides, containing all the amino acids required by the human body. It meets the FAO and WHO recommendations.

7. Good solubility, completely soluble in water, good stability.

8. Contains fewer anti-nutritional factors than soya substances.

9. Good flavour and high biological activity.

10. Inhibits the growth of microorganisms through the regulation of moisture.


Application of Peanut Protein Peptide

Peanut peptides in general food products.

1. Peanut polypeptide has a strong moisturising function and is also a good binder and filling agent. It can be used in all kinds of foodstuffs, bean food, meat products, high protein food, ham and artificial foodstuffs to retain water, increase the flavour of foodstuffs and promote the absorption of substances.

2. Because peanut peptides have strong foaming, emulsifying and oil-absorbing properties, they can not only improve the nutritional value of food in baked goods, but also make the structure of the product puffy, soft and elastic, and increase the toughness of pasta products.

3. It is used in the production of side dishes, condiments, snack foods, plant-based beverages, etc. Because peanut peptides have a high nitrogen content and high free amino acids, they can be used in various beverages, nutritional drinks, instant solid drinks, cold foods and snack foods.

Antioxidant Protein Peptide Powder Easy Digest Peanut Protein Powder  ISO9001 1

Application of peanut peptides in health food.

1. Peanut peptides can combine with bile acids in the body to lower serum cholesterol, thus having the function of lowering blood pressure and blood lipids. In addition, the active ingredients in peanut peptides are effective against aplastic anaemia, haemorrhage, coughing up blood and diabetes.

2. The energy content of peanut peptides is very high, 500g of peanut peptides can provide as much energy as 12 eggs, 400g of lean meat, 400g of fresh carp or 1kg of tofu. Thus, it can be made into food specific to athletes. Peanut peptides are also rich in amino acids and vitamins, providing the body with balanced nutrition..


Application in meat products.

1. Peanut polypeptide is a good binder and filler for meat products, adding it to sausage, fish sausage and ham can effectively keep the moisture of meat juice from being lost and the flavour material from being lost during processing, promote fat absorption and the products do not appear to go oily.

2. Research in cereal bakery products: The addition of peanut peptides to bread, cakes and buns not only changes the nutritional value of the cereal, but also makes the structure of the product puffy, soft and elastic.

3. Application to protein drinks and cold foods: The rich nutritional content of peanut polypeptides can be added to drinks as a source of energy, and its addition to ice cream can increase the emulsification of the product, increase the expansion rate, improve product quality and improve the nutritional structure.

4. Research on making side foods, condiments and snack foods: peanut peptides are modified to make peanut peptide meat. Can enrich food varieties. Also can be mixed with starch food by extrusion diaphragm treatment. It can also be mixed with starchy food by extrusion diaphragm treatment. The high carbohydrate content of peanut polypeptide is a good raw material for making soy sauce.

5. Study on the use of peanut peptides for meat spices The use of peanut peptides in the maillard reaction for the synthesis of meat spices can be widely used in sausage products, convenience soups and puffed foods.

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