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99% GSH Reduced Glutathione Powder CAS 70-18-8 Aging Retardant

Minimum Order Quantity : 1kg, 25kg/drum, sample is available Packaging Details : Vacuum Aluminum Foil Bag; Fiber Drum for 25kg with inside double layer food grade poly bag
Delivery Time : 5-7 working days Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, Pay Pal, Alibaba Assurance Account
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Xi'an Le-Nutra
Certification: FDA,ISO9001,HACCP,HALAL,KOSHER etc

Detail Information

Other Name: N(N-L-.gamma.-Glutamyl-L-cysteinyl)glycine CAS NO.: 70-18-8
Function: Protects Liver Cell Membranes And Promotes Liver Enzyme Activity;Antioxidant, Free Radical Scavenger, Detoxification, Immunity Booster, Ageing Retardant, Anti-cancer, Anti-radiation Molecular Weight: 307.32
EINECS NO: 200-725-4 -- White Or Almost White Crystallin Powder: White Or Almost White Crystallin Powder
Solubility: Soluble In Water USE: Food Additives, Antioxidants;Antidote; Anti-allergic Agents;Liver Protector;
High Light:

99% GSH Reduced Glutathione Powder


CAS 70-18-8 Reduced Glutathione Powder


White Crystalline Reduced Glutathione Powder

Product Description

Product Introduction of API Powder

Reduced glutathione (GSH) is an important intracellular substance, consisting of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine, containing sulfhydryl groups, which plays an important role in maintaining the biological functions of cells, and has a variety of biochemical functions, including participating in the tricarboxylic acid cycle and sugar metabolism, being a coenzyme of glyceraldehyde phosphate dehydrogenase and propyl phosphate dehydrogenase, activating a variety of enzymes, promoting sugar, fat and protein metabolism, and influencing the metabolic process of cells. GSH can combine with pro-Chemicalbook hepatotoxic substances to protect the synthesis, detoxification and inactivation of hormones in the liver and promote the metabolism of bile acids. It facilitates the absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins in the digestive tract. It is suitable for reducing the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, especially in high doses; or for the treatment of various hypoxaemia, such as acute anaemia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis, etc.; it can be used in the treatment of liver diseases, including viral, drug, ethanol and other chemical toxicity-induced liver damage. It is also used as an adjunct to the treatment of organophosphorus, amino or nitroaromatic compound poisoning. It is also useful in the treatment of acute drug-related kidney injury, uremia, diabetic complications and neuropathy.

99% GSH Reduced Glutathione Powder CAS 70-18-8 Aging Retardant 0

Certificate of Analysis

Test ltems Speciflcations Results
Appearance White or almost white crystallin powder White crystalline powder
ldentification IR Conforms to the Reference Spectrum

Confoms to the Reference


Optical rotation 15.5°to-17.5° -16°
Appearance of solution Clear and colorless Clear and colorless
Chlorides ≤ 200 ppm Complied
Sulfates ≤ 300 ppm Complied
Ammonium ≤ 200 ppm Complied
ron ≤ 10 ppm Complied
Arsenic ≤ 1ppm Complied
Heavy metals ≤ 10 ppm Complied
Cadmium (Cd) ≤ 1 ppm Complied
Plumbum (Pb) ≤ 3 ppm Complied
Mercury (Hg) ≤ 1 ppm Complied
Sulfated ash ≤ 0.1% 0.073%
Loss on dying ≤ 0.5% 0.330%
Bulk densily ≥ 0.2g/ml 0.3213g/ml
Tapped density ≥ 0.4g/ml 0.5155g/ml
Total plate count ≤1000cfu/g Complied
Yeast and mold count ≤100cfu/g Complied
Salmonella Negative Negative Complied
Related Substances Total Maximum 2.0% / 1.58%
GSSG Maximum 1.5% / 10.57%
Assay 98.0% to 101.0% 98.32%


Use of API Powder

1. Reduced glutathione is a small molecule peptide, which exists in large quantities in living organisms, especially in liver cells, and has the function of protecting liver cell membranes, promoting liver enzyme activity, and acting as a detoxification agent in combination with many toxic chemicals. It is very effective in treating liver injury and cirrhosis of the liver caused by various reasons such as drug poisoning and alcoholism.

99% GSH Reduced Glutathione Powder CAS 70-18-8 Aging Retardant 1

2. It has the functions of antioxidant, free radical scavenging, detoxification, immunity enhancement, delaying aging, anti-cancer and anti-radiation hazard.

3. Biochemical reagents, antidotes, mainly for poisoning by heavy metals, acrylonitrile, fluoride, carbon monoxide and organic solvents

4. Biochemical research

5. Endogenous antioxidants that play an important role in the reduction of reactive oxygen species formed during cellular metabolism and burst respiration. Glutathione-S-transferase catalyses the formation of glutathione thioethers with xenobiotics, leukotrienes and other molecules with electrophilic centres. Glutathione also forms disulphide bonds with cysteine residues in proteins. Through these mechanisms, it can have the curious effect of reducing the effectiveness of anti-cancer agents.


Application of of API Powder

1. Food additives

2. Antidote

3. Anti-allergic agents

4. Liver protector

5 .Antioxidants

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