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Product Name: Pyrethrum Appearance: White Powder
CAS No.: 8003-34-7 EINECS No.: 232-319-8
Specification: 25%, 50% Molecular Formula: C24H23ClO3
Molecular Weight: 394.72 Shelf Life: 2 Years
Test Method: HPLC Storage: Cool Dry Place
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Le Nutra Natural Pyrethrum Liquid


25% 50% Pyrethrum Liquid


Cas 8003-34-7 insecticide pyrethrum

Product Description


Le-Nutra Natural Pyrethrum Extract Pyrethrin Ratio Extract for Drive midge CAS#51630-33-2



Base information of Product



Product Name Pyrethrum 
Appearance Yellow liquid
Cas No. 8003-34-7
Active ingredients 10:1
Shelf Life 2 years



Introduction of Product


Pyrethrin is a kind of broad-spectrum insecticide that can control a variety of insect pests. Its insecticidal virulence is 10 ~ 100 times higher than that of the older generation insecticides such as organochlorine, organophosphorus and carbamates. Pyrethroids have a strong tentacidal effect on insects, and some species have gastric toxicity or fumigation, but none of them have inhalation. Its mechanism of action is to disturb the normal physiology of insect nerve, making it from excitement, spasm to paralysis and death. Pyrethroid is safe to human and animal because of its small dosage and low concentration, and has little pollution to the environment. Its disadvantages are mainly high toxicity to fish, harm to some beneficial insects, long-term repeated use will also lead to insect resistance.


History of Product


Pyrethrum is A bionic synthetic insecticide is a synthetic ester derived from the chemical structure of natural pyrethrin. Natural pyrethrin is an ancient botanical insecticide, which is the effective component of pyrethrum flowers. Its chemical structure was not determined until the 1940s, after which, the synthetic research of similar substances began. In 1949, M.S. Schechter et al. in the United States synthesized the first commercial analogue acrylthrin.


In the 1950s and 1960s, a number of similar compounds were successively developed, commonly known as synthetic pyrethroids. These early varieties, like natural pyrethrins, decompose easily under light and are only suitable for indoor pest control. Many scientists, including the British chemist M. Elliott led the team. In the early 1970s, they achieved a breakthrough success in structural modification, synthesizing the first photostable variety permethrin suitable for pest control in agriculture and forestry. Since then, a number of photostable varieties have been developed, known as the second generation pyrethroids, which also include fenvalerate without a ternary ring. Since the 1980s, the research on structural change is still going deep and has made new progress. For example, the introduction of fluorine atoms in the structure of the variety of both acaricide efficiency, and such as the ester bond to ether bond, can greatly reduce the toxicity of fish.




Function of Product


Pyrethrum extract for topical treatment of scabies. Can kill mosquitoes, insecticides, flies, lice; Kill the worms, Drive midge.


Le Nutra 25% 50% Natural Pyrethrum Liquid For Insecticides Cas 8003-34-7 0


Application and types of Product


Pyrethroids are divided into natural and synthetic types, with the synthetic being photosystable and photosystable (see table). They are typical fine organic synthesis due to their complex chemical structures, such as optical isomers or cis-trans stereoisomers, many reaction steps in the production process and strict requirements on raw material quality and operation control. Since the 1970s, the production has developed rapidly. By the 1980s, the annual output of the world has reached thousands of tons. In 1984, the sales volume was $900 million, and it has become an important category of products in insecticides. In the 1980s, several pyrethroid varieties were developed and put into production in China, which began to be used in agriculture and health.



The pharmacological research of Product


Pyrethrum is the only intensively cultivated insecticidal plant in the world at present. Pyrethrum extracted from pyrethrum is in short supply in the international market because of its pollution-free characteristics.


Insecticidal action: Pyrethrum paralyzes insect nerves and becomes effective within minutes. After insect poisoning, initially vomiting, dysentery, body around the peristalsis, then paralysis, can cause death, the length of lethal time, depending on the amount of medicine and insect species and different. General insects after paralysis drunk, can be recovered within 24 hours; After housefly poisoning, it is completely paralyzed within 10 minutes, but the mortality rate is only 60-70%. The insecticidal effect of pyrethrin A was the strongest, which was 10 times stronger than that of pyrethrin B. The virulence of cinethrin A was similar to that of pyrethrin A, while cinethrin B was similar to that of pyrethrin B, and pyrethrin had no insecticidal effect.




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