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Product Name: Prednisone Appearance: White Powder
CAS No.: 51630-33-2 EINECS No.: N/a
Specification: 10:1, 20:1 Molecular Formula: C24H23ClO3
Molecular Weight: 394.72 Shelf Life: 2 Years
Test Method: HPLC Storage: Cool Dry Place
High Light:

Light Brown Pyrethrum Extract


Pyrethrum Extract For Drive Midge


CAS 51630-33-2 pyrethrum 2 extract

Product Description


Le-Nutra Natural Pyrethrum Extract Pyrethrin Ratio Extract for Drive midge CAS#51630-33-2



Base information of Product



Product Name Pyrethrum Extract
Appearance Iight brown powder
Cas No. 51630-33-2
Active ingredients 10:1
Shelf Life 2 years



Introduction of Product


Pyrethrum extract is an excellent botanical insecticide, which is an ideal product for the manufacture of sanitary aerosol and field biological pesticide. Pyrethrum extract is a light yellow liquid extracted from the inflorescence of Pyrethrum cinerariaefolium Tre, a dicotyledon plant drug in the composite family. The active ingredient is Pyrethrum, which is one of the most effective natural pesticides. It has many advantages, such as high efficiency, wide spectrum, low concentration, knockdown activity to pests, low resistance to pests, low toxicity to warm-blooded animals, human and livestock, and low residue, etc. It is widely used in the field of health and insecticide.


Botanical source of Product


Pyrethrum also known as white flower pyrethrum, drive cordyceps. Compositae, genus Pyrum. Herbs perennial. Originally in Europe. It is cultivated in the provinces of East and Southwest China. Stems erect. Leaves ovate or elliptic, two pinnate compound leaves. Head solitary or arranged in loose corymbiform; Disc flowers are mostly densely tubular, corolla yellow. Achene, crested. Flowering period from May to August. 6 species of pyrethrum are found in the head inflorescences: Pyrethrin (PyrethrinⅠ), Pyrethrin (Pyrethrin), Pyrethrin (Cinerin), Pyrethrin (Cinerin), Pyrethrin (Jasmolin), Pyrethrin (Jasmolin), Pyrethrin (Jasmolin). 90% of the active ingredients are in the achenes of dried flowers, and the content of the active ingredients in dried flowers is about 1%. These ingredients are ester compounds, which are very unstable, and are decomposed by alkali hydrolysis, sunlight and oxygen in the air. The effective ingredient is dissolved in kerosene and contains 0.1% ~ 0.2%, which can be used to control mosquito, fly, cockroach and other sanitary pests. P. coccineum has red lingual flowers and is less effective in killing insects. It is used for ornamental use.


Light Brown Pyrethrum Extract Prednisone For Drive Midge CAS 51630-33-2 0


Pyrethrum is a yellowish viscous liquid with the same scent as the dry flower of pyrethrum. Soluble in petroleum and other organic solvents, but insoluble in water. Decomposition and failure under high temperature, sunlight and alkaline substances. It has low toxicity to humans and animals, and does not pollute the environment due to decomposition after application. There is no harm to plants. In terms of virulence to insects, pyrethrin Ⅰ was the strongest, followed by pyrethrin in melon leaves, followed by pyrethrin in melon leaves, and the weakest was pyrethrin in melon leaves.

Pyrethrosis is a powerful, broad spectrum insecticide with short residual effect period and strong knockdown power. But it should also be noted that pests are knocked down, often resurrected. Most pests do not develop resistance to it. It is mainly used for controlling sanitary pests (mosquitoes, flies, bedbugs, lice, fleas, clothiers, etc.), livestock pests (stable flies, gadflies, etc.) and grain storage pests (rice weevil, grain weevil), etc. It is the main raw material for making mosquito repellent incense. However, because of its short residual effect period, the control of some chewing mouthpiece pests is not ideal. It costs more and is less used on crops.


Function of Product


Pyrethrum extract for topical treatment of scabies. Can kill mosquitoes, insecticides, flies, lice; Kill the worms, Drive midge.


Light Brown Pyrethrum Extract Prednisone For Drive Midge CAS 51630-33-2 1



The pharmacological research of Product


Pyrethrum is the only intensively cultivated insecticidal plant in the world at present. Pyrethrum extracted from pyrethrum is in short supply in the international market because of its pollution-free characteristics.


Insecticidal action: Pyrethrum paralyzes insect nerves and becomes effective within minutes. After insect poisoning, initially vomiting, dysentery, body around the peristalsis, then paralysis, can cause death, the length of lethal time, depending on the amount of medicine and insect species and different. General insects after paralysis drunk, can be recovered within 24 hours; After housefly poisoning, it is completely paralyzed within 10 minutes, but the mortality rate is only 60-70%. The insecticidal effect of pyrethrin A was the strongest, which was 10 times stronger than that of pyrethrin B. The virulence of cinethrin A was similar to that of pyrethrin A, while cinethrin B was similar to that of pyrethrin B, and pyrethrin had no insecticidal effect.



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