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White Crystal Citicoline Sodium API Intermediate CAS 33818-15-4

Minimum Order Quantity : 1kg, 25kg/drum, sample is available Packaging Details : Vacuum Aluminum Foil Bag; Fiber Drum for 25kg with inside double layer food grade poly bag
Delivery Time : 5-7 working days Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, Pay Pal, Alibaba Assurance Account
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Xi'an Le-Nutra
Certification: FDA,ISO9001,HACCP,HALAL,KOSHER etc

Detail Information

Other Name: CYTIDINE-5'-DIPHOSPHOCHOLINE, SODIUM. Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
CAS No.: 33818-15-4 Appearance: White Crystals Or Crytalline Powder, Odorless
Solubility: Soluble In Water, Insoluble In Ethanol, Insoluble In Acetone Melting Point: 259-268°C (dec.)
Molecular Weight: 512.32 Pharmacological Action: It Promotes Cerebral Substance Metabolism And Improves Cerebral Circulation By Lowering Cerebral Vascular Resistance And Increasing Cerebral Blood Flow.
High Light:

Citicoline Sodium API Intermediate


White Crystal API Intermediate


CAS 33818-15-4 API Intermediate

Product Description



Product Information of API Powder

Cytophosphatidylcholine is a nucleic acid derivative. In 1956, Geiger discovered in animal tests that cytophosphatidylcholine could recover from brain damage; in 1957, Kennedy's research confirmed its importance in the synthesis of brain phospholipids, and in 1961, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company of Japan developed and produced this product, which was registered in China in 1988. It is currently the best-selling drug used clinically in the treatment of brain diseases and plays an important role in the synthesis of lecithin, improving brain function by promoting the synthesis of lecithin. It has been proved that cytarabine enhances norepinephrine and dopamine levels in the central nervous system, thus treating cognitive impairment caused by cerebrovascular disease, traumatic brain injury and various causes of Chemicalbook, and has no significant side effects.

White Crystal Citicoline Sodium API Intermediate CAS 33818-15-4 0

Certificate of Analysis

Product Name Citicoline Sodium
CAS No. 33818-15-4
Analysis Standard ChP 2020 Part II
Grade Pharmaceutical grade
Item Standard Test Result
Citicoline Sodium ≥98% 100.2%
Appearance White crystals or crystalline powder, odorless Complies
Ammonium ≤0.05% Complies
Phosphate ≤0.1% Complies
Iron ≤0.01% Complies
Chloride ≤0.05% Complies
PH 6.0-7.5 6.6
Solubility Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, insoluble in acetone  
Loss on Drying ≤6% 1.6%
Heavy Metal ≤5ppm Complies
Arsenic ≤0.0001% Complies
Related substance
5’-CMP ≤0.3% 0.023%
Other single impurity ≤0.2%  
Other total impurities ≤0.7% 0.011%
Residual solvents
Methanol ≤0.3% Not detected
Ethanol ≤0.5% 0.003%
Acetone ≤0.5% Not detected
Bacterial endotoxins <0.3EU/mg Complies


Pharmacological Effects of API Powder

Citicoline Sodium enhances the function of the brainstem reticular formation, especially the activating system of the superior reticular formation, which is closely related to consciousness, enhances the action of the pyramidal system, inhibits the action of the extrapyramidal system and promotes arousal. It also reduces cerebral vascular resistance, increases cerebral blood perfusion and promotes brain substance metabolism. It is mainly used for the treatment of neurological sequelae caused by craniocerebral injury and cerebrovascular accidents, and can be used for the treatment of Parkinson's syndrome and has a certain effect on senile dementia; it is used for the treatment of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases; other therapeutic effects such as delaying aging, improving learning effect and memory are also certain.


Cytidine 5'-bis-choline phosphate (CDP-choline), which supports the synthesis of lecithin, is produced in choline-phosphate cytidylyltransferase EC; used to study its role in neurorehabilitation.

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