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Le Nutra Nutritional Food Additive Powder 250 Bloom Jelly Gelatin Powder

Minimum Order Quantity : 100 Kilograms Price : $2.30 - $8.00/Kilograms
Packaging Details : 25kgs packaging Fiber drum outside and plastic bag inside 1-25kgs packaging aluminium bag<br>outside and double plastic bag inside.
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Le-nutra
Model Number: Le-nutra Gelatine

Detail Information

CAS No.: 900-70-8 Other Names: Gelatine
MF: C102H151O39N31 EINECS No.: /
Type: Pharmaceutical Intermediates Purity: 98%
Application: Emulsifiers, Nutrition Enhancers, Stabilizers, Emulsifiers, Nutrition Enhancers, Preservatives, Stabilizers Appearance: Granule Or Powder, Granular Or Powder
Product Name: Gelatine CAS: 900-70-8
Molecular Formula: C102H151O39N31 Brand: Le-nutra
MOQ: 100kg Negotiable Grade: Phamaceutical Grade, Food Grade
Solubility: 100% Port: Shanghai/Tianjin/Qingdao
High Light:

250 bloom jelly gelatin powder


Le Nutra Nutritional Food Additive Powder


Le Nutra Jelly Gelatin Powder

Product Description

Le-nutra Supply  wholesale food gelatin 250 bloom edible jelly gelatin bulk


Gelatin or gelatine is a translucent, colorless, brittle (when dry), flavorless food derived from collagen obtained from various animal by-products. It is commonly used as a gelling agent in food, pharmaceuticals, photography, and cosmetic manufacturing. Substances containing gelatin or functioning in a similar way are called "gelatinous". Gelatin is an irreversibly hydrolyzed form of collagen. It is found in most gummy candy, as well as other products such as marshmallows, gelatin desserts, and some ice creams, dips, and yogurts. Gelatin for recipe use comes in the form of sheets, granules, or powder. Instant types can be added to the food as they are; others need to be soaked in water beforehand.

1) Edible gelatin:
Carnivorous can, jelly, candy, milk powder, fruit milk, sausage, salad, pudding, ham, bean vermicelli, ice cream, cake, drinks clarification, instant noodles, bio-pharmaceuticals, health food, yolk juice, beer clarifier, cheese, dairy,vitamin nutrition base, etc.

2) Technical gelatin:
Coating and Sizing, Paper Manufacture, Printing Processes, Protective Colloidal Applications, Matches, Coated Abrasives, Adhesives,etc.

3) Pharmaceutical gelatin:
Empty soft and hard capsules
Product display


Le Nutra Nutritional Food Additive Powder 250 Bloom Jelly Gelatin Powder 0
Product name
Gelatin Powder
Yellow or yellowish granular or powder
Shelf life
36 months




light yellow or off-white
No visible exogenours impurity
Jelly strength( 6.67% 10°C)
250± 10 bloom
Viscosity ( 16.67%, 40ºC)
4-8° E
PH( 5% solution)
Ash ( %)
Moisture (%)
Arsenic (As)
≦1 mg/kg
Chrome (Cr)
≦2 mg/kg
Lead (Pb)
≦1.5 mg/kg
Prexide (H2O2)
≦10 mg/kg
≦30 ppm
Total plate count
≦1000 cfu/g
≦10 cfu/g
Absent in 25g
Absent in 25g
Function and Application


1. As a thickener, it is widely used in food industry, such as frozen, edible pigments, high-grade fudge, ice cream, cruel, yogurt, frozen food, etc. In the chemical industry, it is mainly used as raw materials for bonding, emulsification and advanced cosmetics.
2. It can be used as stabilizer and emulsifier of hydrophobic colloid.
3. Used as a protective colloid in turbidimetry or colorimetric determination, as well as in photoplate making and culture medium
4. Used as food quality improver.
5. Thickener; Stabilizer; Clarifier; Foaming Agent.

Main Advantage
1) We can provide customers with "one-stop"packaging service,from research, development, production, export and so on. 2) Powerful R&D strength let our technology in a leading level,forever,in turn,to provide customers with better service. 3) We have ISO&SGS certificate which let the customers more satisfied and rest assured. 4) More than 10 years of export experience,we can provide customers with more professional service. 5) Mix and different products in ONE PCL, increase the working efficiency for customers. 6) Alibaba gold members with high credit guarantee.
Natural Extract
Standard Botanical Extract
Product Name Specification Test method
Marigold exact Lutein 5%, 10%, 20% HPLC/UV
Tomato Extract Lycopene 5%, 6%, 10% HPLC
Ginkgo Biloba Extract Flavones 24%, Lactones 6% HPLC
Ginger Root Extract Gingerol 5%, 10% HPLC
Black rice extract Anthocyanin 1%-25% UV
Boswellin extract Boswellic Acid 65%-95% HPLC
Griffonia seeds extract 5-HTP 50%-99% HPLC
Milk thistle extract Silymarin 80%, Silybin 30% HPLC/UV
Senna leaf extract Sennoside 6%, 8%, 20% HPLC
Shiitake mushroom extact Sennoside 6%, 8%, 20% UV
Tribulus terrestris extract Total Saponins 40%-90% UV

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