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87-89-8 Myo Inositol Powder Nutritional Food Additive Crystalline

Minimum Order Quantity : 1kg, 25kg/drum, sample is available Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : Vacuum Aluminum Foil Bag; Fiber Drum for 25kg with inside double layer food grade poly bag Delivery Time : 5-7 working days
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, Pay Pal, Alibaba Assurance Account Supply Ability : 5000kg/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Xi'an Le-Nutra
Certification: FDA,ISO9001,HACCP,HALAL,KOSHER etc Model Number: Myo-Inositol

Detail Information

Appearance: White Crystalline Powder CAS NO: 87-89-8
Other Name: Inositol, Meso-Inosit Specification: 99%
Function: Aids In Lowering Blood Lipids And Regulates The Metabolism Of Cholesterol And Liver Cell Fats In The Body Mainly Used In: Pharmaceutical, Food Supplements, Feed, Cosmetics
Grade: Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade Improve/Prevent: PCOS, GDM, Obesity
High Light:

87-89-8 myo inositol powder


crystalline myo inositol powder

Product Description

Myo Inositol Powder Nutritional Food Additive Powder Factory Price
Two main types of Inositol
The two most common isomers are MYO (MI) and DCI. MYO inositol can be converted to DCI chiral inositol by an enzyme (dependent isomerase) in the liver. In cells the vast majority are MYO, about 99%.

MI is essential in a number of cellular biochemical reactions, for example inositol triphosphate, IP3, PIP2/PIP3 and inositol glycans, so it is important for the involvement and maintenance of cellular functions (e.g. cell proliferation and apoptosis, peripheral nerve growth and function, osteogenesis), reproductive functions, etc.

As a substance present in the body itself, DCI is a nutrient that is better recognised and not rejected by the body's cells. In 1994, D-chiral inositol was approved as a dietary supplement under the US Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.


Certificate of Analysis

Appearance White Crystal Powder Passed Test
Barium Passes test Passed test

Identification (B)

The retention time of the major peak of the Sample solution corresponds to that of the Standard solution.


Passed test

Limit of lead Not more than 0.5mg/kg Not detected
Water Not more than 0.5% 0.06%

Organic impurities

Not more than 0.3% of any individual impurities

Not more than 1.0% of total impurities

Passed test
Assay, on the anhydrous basis Not less than 97.0 % and not more than 102.0% 99.38%

Clarity of solution


The same clarity as that of water

Passed test


Not more than 20uS/cm


Color of solution

The test solution is not more intensely colored than Standard solution A, Standard solution B, Standard solution C or water.


Passed test

Total Aerobic Bacteria ≤1000CFU/g 35CFU/g
Molds & yeasts ≤100CFU/g 30CFU/g
Escherichia coli Not detected Not detected
Salmonella Not detected Not detected
Conclusion USP43-NF38



Product Function
1. For hair loss
Myo Inositol Powder promotes the health of cell membranes, especially in the eyes, intestines, brain and bone marrow cells. The results of recent studies have shown that men who take additional daily doses of Myo Inositol have a slower rate of hair loss. As well as replenishing our bodies with nutrients, it can prevent and improve the symptoms of hair loss. Many men who suffer from hair loss take Inositol daily and have seen significant improvement in their hair loss symptoms after consistent use. Inositol and hair growth have been shown to have a definite link. Inositol provides nutrients to brain cells and for people with poor hair quality and frequent hair loss, it can promote hair growth, inhibit its loss and prevent hair loss.

87-89-8 Myo Inositol Powder Nutritional Food Additive Crystalline 0

2. Maintaining a high state of mind
It is a very important substance in the body that regulates the physiological functions of the body, thus maintaining high spirits.
3. Promoting metabolism
Clinical studies have shown that inositol plays an important role in the body and can help boost metabolism.


Product Application
1. Food Industry
Myo Inositol Powder is a kind of "bioactive", which participates in metabolic activities in the body and has various functions such as immunity, prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Growth, etc., if higher animals lack inositol, there will be growth stagnation and hair loss. The human body needs 1-2g of inositol per day. Many health drinks and children's foods are added with trace amounts of inositol.
Inositol is also a growth factor for certain microorganisms in the intestine, and when other vitamins are deficient, it can stimulate the vitamin-deficient microorganisms to synthesize vitamins.

87-89-8 Myo Inositol Powder Nutritional Food Additive Crystalline 1

2. Feed industry
Myo Inositol Powder needs to be supplemented in the feeds of fish, aquatic animals, precious birds, fur animals, ornamental cats, dogs and other exotic animals. In shrimp and fish feeds, the addition of inositol is usually 300-500 mg/kg. The Swiss Roche pharmaceutical company recommends that the addition of fish and salmon feeds be 1000 mg/kg, eel and carp 150 mg/kg, otherwise Inositol deficiency will occur.
Practice has proved that adding inositol to the feed can promote the growth of livestock and prevent death. The addition amount is usually 0.2%-0.5% of the feed. In Japan, the annual consumption of inositol for animals is more than 100t.

3. Other aspects
Myo Inositol Powder can be made into products such as inositol methyl ether, inositol peptide, inositol organic acid ester, inositol inorganic ester, halogenated inositol, phosphoinositide, aminocycloitol and other products by deep processing of inositol. It has great practical value in medicine, electric power, transportation, energy, electronics, chemical industry and other industries.
Since the 1990s, it has been found that inositol and carnitine can convert fat into heat for consumption. Therefore, weight-loss and fat-reducing bodybuilding foods and nutritional health care products containing inositol have been popular in Europe and the United States.

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