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Rhizoma Drynariae Extract Herbal Extract Powder For Fractures

Minimum Order Quantity : 1kg, 25kg/drum, sample is available Packaging Details : Vacuum Aluminum Foil Bag; Fiber Drum for 25kg with inside double layer food grade poly bag
Delivery Time : 5-7 working days Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, Pay Pal, Alibaba Assurance Account
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Xi'an Le-Nutra
Certification: FDA,ISO9001,HACCP,HALAL,KOSHER etc

Detail Information

Botanical Source: Drynariafortunei(Kunze)J.SM. Other Name: Drynaria Fortunei Extract; Rhizoma Drynariae Root Extract
Used Part: Root Specification: Ratio Extract 10:1, 20:1, Etc.
Nutrition Chemicals: Flavonoids And Their Glycosides; Triterpenoids; Compounds Of The Phenylpropanoid Group; Phenolic Acids; Lignans & Sterols, Etc. Mainly Used: Promotes Fracture Healing; Hypolipidemic Effect
Appearance: Brown Powder
High Light:

Rhizoma Drynariae Herbal Extract Powder


Rhizoma Drynariae Extract For Fractures


10/1 Rhizoma Drynariae Extract

Product Description

Product Introduction of Rhizoma Drynariae Extract
Rhizoma Drynariae Extract is extracted from the root of Drynariafortunei (Kunze) J. SM. The main active substance is naringin, and also contains methyl eugenol, protocatechuic acid, neo-North American sage glucoside, boneset dihydroflavonoid glucoside, cyclic mucosterol acetate, cyclic hydrogen sterol acetate, cyclic opium sterol acetate, rape oil sterol, etc. A variety of chemical substances. It has pro-proliferative differentiation, anti-osteoporosis, anti-inflammatory, promoting fracture healing, dental osteoclast protection, renal protection, prevention of drug-induced deafness and hypolipidemic effects. The methanolic hydrated extract of Boneset has inhibitory activity against elastase and is used as a cosmetic and pharmaceutical product for the treatment of skin ageing, allergies, inflammation, pigmentation, etc.

Rhizoma Drynariae Extract Herbal Extract Powder For Fractures 0

Product Function of Rhizoma Drynariae Extract
1. Treatment of fractures and bone fragments
Drynaria Fortunei Extract Powder Helps promote the deposition of calcium and phosphorus, raising blood calcium and phosphorus levels. It also increases the activity of phosphatase in the body, promotes the synthesis of proteoglycans and resists the synthesis of collagen in the body,Its value lies not only in the treatment of broken bones and fractures, but also in the treatment of loose teeth, pain relief and kidney and back pain..
The main effects of Rhizoma Drynariae have been documented in ancient medicine, but as medical practice continues to develop, so does the 'potential' of the bone tonic. It has also been shown to heal wounds and reduce the incidence of bone and joint lesions in clinical trials on rats.

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2. Cardiovascular protection
Extract powder of Rhizoma Drynariae is rich in glycolates, dihydroflavonoid glycosides and steroidal esters, which help to reduce blood lipids and cholesterol in the blood vessels and increase the permeability and elasticity of blood vessels. In addition, it also has a cardiotonic effect, due to the ability of dihydroflavone glycosides to promote the contraction of the heart muscle, which can increase the blood flow to the heart, thus helping to prevent the occurrence of many heart diseases.

3. Inhibits liver damage caused by western medicines
It also inhibits liver damage caused by a variety of western drugs, helping to reduce the toxic side effects of the drugs and has a protective effect on the liver. It can also help to improve the ability of transaminases and enhance the liver's own detoxification and metabolism.

4. Treatment of osteoporosis
It can be used to treat osteoporosis by modulating various metabolic pathways. This effect has been confirmed by experiments using Drynaria Fortunei in rats, followed by technical comparative studies. Many elderly people suffer from osteoporosis and if it becomes severe enough to interfere with their normal life, they need to seek medical attention, as it is very difficult to cure this chronic disease, at least according to current medical developments. Therefore, it is advisable to consider Chinese medicine for the treatment of chronic diseases.


Side Effects of Rhizoma Drynariae Extract

Although Rhizoma Drynariae Powder has many benefits for the body, it can also have certain side effects on the body if taken incorrectly. For example, it should not be taken in large quantities as it may cause unpleasant symptoms such as dry mouth, chest tightness and fire. In addition, it is not suitable for people with Yin deficiency or Blood deficiency with fire, as this may aggravate the condition. Therefore, it is important to follow the medical advice of the pharmacist.


Application and Caution of Rhizoma Drynariae Extract
1. It is mainly used to Helps damaged bones to recover and heal, for it promotes calcium absorption in bone and increases blood calcium and phosphorus levels, thus facilitating fracture healing. It is also effective in treating tinnitus, toothache, bruises and appendicitis, etc. In general, Boneset can be taken in a decoction with water to give full play to its therapeutic effects, especially for the treatment of arthritis.
2. It can be used to make wine, usually 200 grams of the herb in one catty of Chinese Baijiu, and some Chinese herbs can be added to the wine, such as angelica and hyssop, which are kidney tonics. In addition, it can also reduce and relieve the damage to the liver caused by drugs and has a protective effect on the liver, especially for people who have been taking western drugs for a long time.

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