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Product Description

Product Description

Mannose is a constituent of many polysaccharides.It exists in free state in the pericarp of some plants, such as the peel of citrus. A small amount of free mannose is found in fruits such as peach and apple, and D-mannose is found in the glycan of ivory palm seed, yeast, red algae, serum globulin, egg myxoid and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.A sugar that plays an important role in human metabolism, especially in the glycosylation of certain proteins


Product Introduction

1.Product Name:D-Mannose powder

2.Other Name:mannose

3.EINECS No.:222-392-4


5.CAS No.:3458-28-4

6.Appearance: White crystalline powder

7..Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from light and high temperature.



1.D-Mannose regulates the immune system

2.It can increase the speed of wound healing

3.It has anti-inflammatory effects

4.It can inhibit tumor growth and metastasis and increase cancer survival rate

5.D-Mannose can protect against certain bacterial infections, such as urinary tract infections


D-Mannose Powder 98% dietary supplement powder 0



1.D-Mannose Powder Food Grade can be used for additives of foods and beverages. Rehabilitation of diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol and so on have a good supporting role.

2. Food sugar supplements and pharmaceutical raw material:D-Mannose is a natural occurring simple sugar that appears to be a safe, practical alternative for the treatment of urinary tract infections (UTI).

3.Used as capsules and tablets for improve sleep.



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