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Product Name: Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Appearance: Black Particles
CAS No.: 64365-11-3 EINECS No.: 231-153-3
Specification: 99% PH: 6-8
Package: 25kg/Bag294.49576 Shelf Life: 2 Years
Test Method: HPLC Storage: Cool Dry Place
High Light:

64365-11-3 Coconut Shell Activated Carbon


Purification activated coconut charcoal powder


Active Coconut Charcoal For Purification

Product Description

Le-Nutra coconut shell activated carbon coconut active charcoal for purification
Base information of Product

Product Name Coconut shell activated carbon
Appearance        Black particles
Cas No.        64365-11-3
Active ingredients        99%
Shelf Life        2 years

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Introduction of Product
Coconut shell activated carbon is a kind of porous carbon material, it has a highly developed pore structure, activated carbon porous structure provides a lot of surface area, and can fully contact with gas (impurities), thus giving the unique adsorption performance of activated carbon, so that it is very easy to achieve the purpose of absorption and collection of impurities. Just like magnetism, all molecules gravitate towards each other. Because of this, the large number of molecules in the pore walls of activated carbon can create strong gravitational forces that attract harmful impurities into the pore size. But not all activated carbon can absorb harmful gases, only when the pore structure of activated carbon is slightly greater than the diameter of harmful gas molecules, can let the harmful gas molecules completely into the case (too large or too small are not) to achieve the best adsorption effect.
Coconut shell activated carbon is the closest to the equator of Indonesia high-quality coconut shell as raw material, through carbonization, activation, refined processing. It not only makes the product have the characteristics of pore distribution matching with harmful gas molecules, but also avoids the secondary pollution of ash and heavy metals. It truly realizes the green environmental protection from the source and will not produce any toxic and side effects on the human body.


Function of Product
1. The coconut shell activated carbon to purify air, it is based on the indoor formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia, radon and other volatile organic compounds and other harmful gas molecular size, specially aperture adjustment process, make its have the abundance of micro hole, hole, macroporous structure characteristics, can according to the size of molecules of harmful gas, automatically allocate and matching adsorption effect.
64365-11-3 Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Active Coconut Charcoal For Purification 2
2. Department of coconut shell activated carbon coconut shell raw material to produce high quality activated carbon, it is a kind of irregular particles broken carbon, high strength, for repeated regeneration after saturation, high adsorption capacity, low resistance is its distinctive features, this kind of products are widely used in fixed bed or fluidized bed, widely used in the central water purifier, drinking water, industrial water decolorization, deodorization and removal of organic matter, residual chlorine.
64365-11-3 Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Active Coconut Charcoal For Purification 3
The types of Coconut shell activated carbon

Coconut shell activated carbon types
1, high quality coconut shell activated carbon
2. Activated carbon for gold extraction
3, LC type free chlorine removal of special activated carbon
4, RJ solvent recovery special activated carbon
5, ZH-03 granule sugar carbon (physical method)
6, silver activated carbon
7, special monosodium glutamate decoloring activated carbon
ZH-05 type Vinylon catalyst carrier activated carbon


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