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Oleanolic Acid Herbal Extract Powder CAS 508-02-1 Pharmaceutical Grade

Minimum Order Quantity : 1kg, 25kg/drum, sample is available Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : Vacuum Aluminum Foil Bag; Fiber Drum for 25kg with inside double layer food grade poly bag Delivery Time : 5-7 working days
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, Pay Pal, Alibaba Assurance Account Supply Ability : 300kg/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Xi'an Le-Nutra
Certification: FDA,ISO9001,HACCP,HALAL,KOSHER etc Model Number: Ligustrum Lucidum Extract Oleanolic Acid

Detail Information

Product Name: Oleanolic Acid CAS: 508-02-1
Appearance: White Needle Crystalline Botanical Source: Ligustrum Lucidum
Used Parts: Fruits Specification: 98%
Mainly Used: Indicated For All Types Of Hepatitis, With The Ability To Promote Liver Cell Regeneration And Accelerate The Repair Of Damaged Liver Cells, As Well As Cardiotonic, Diuretic And Anti-inflammatory Effects; An Adjunct To Liver Disease Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
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Herbal Extract Oleanolic Acid Powder


Pharmaceutical Grade Oleanolic Acid Powder


Pure Herbal Extracts CAS 508-02-1

Product Description

Oleanolic Acid Herbal Extract Powder CAS 508-02-1 Pharmaceutical Grade
Product Introduction of Oleanolic Acid
Oleanolic Acid is extracted from the fruit of Ligustrum lucidum. It is a pentacyclic triterpenoid widely found in plants. Tests have shown that this it has anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and anti-cancer effects, and it can be used in patients with liver disease for its anti-hepatitis and hepatoprotective effects. It can be used clinically for acute and chronic jaundiced hepatitis and chronic hepatitis. Recent studies have shown that it also has certain anti-tumour and anti-cancer activity, and is a natural active substance of great development value.

Oleanolic Acid Herbal Extract Powder CAS 508-02-1 Pharmaceutical Grade 0

Product Pharmacological Function of Oleanolic acid
Oleanolic Acid mainly has the functions of protecting liver and lowering enzymes, promoting regeneration of liver cells, anti-inflammatory, cardiac, diuretic and anti-tumor, etc. It also has the functions of hypoglycemia, hypolipidemia and sedation, and is an effective ingredient in the development of drugs for treating liver disease and lowering blood sugar.
1. Reduce liver injury: Oleanolic Acid is a pentacyclic triterpenoid compound, which has a significant protective effect on acute and chronic liver injury caused by carbon tetrachloride in rats. After treatment, the enlarged mitochondria and the dilated rough endoplasmic reticulum were restored. It also resulted in a significant reduction in ballooning degeneration, necrosis and inflammatory response of hepatocytes in acute and chronic liver injury. Intrahepatic triglyceride accumulation is reduced and the amount of glycogen is increased.
2.Lowering plasma glutamate transaminase activity: Oleanolic Acid has a significant enzyme-lowering effect on acute and chronic hepatitis and cirrhotic animals.
3. Reduces serum r-globulin and is consistent with the reduction of inflammatory response in the liver as seen by histological observations.
4.Promote regeneration of hepatocytes: Oleanolic Acid can increase the number of nuclear fission phases in the residual liver of rats, and the degree of regeneration is higher than that of the control group, suggesting a role in promoting cell regeneration.
5.Reducing the level of cerebral homogenate in rats with cirrhosis: As the level of cerebral homogenate decreased significantly, it could inhibit the production of pseudoneurotransmitters, so it is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of hepatic encephalopathy.
6,Inhibit liver fibroplasia: In rats with liver fibrosis treated with Oleanolic Acid, liver fibroplasia was severely and significantly reduced, and liver collagen content was reduced, suggesting that it has the effect of preventing and treating liver cirrhosis.
7. Oleanolic Acid had significant inhibitory effects on the mononuclear phagocyte system, macrophage phagocytosis and experimental arthritis in mice, but had effects on allogeneic humoral immune function and antigen-binding cells. It enhances immunity and inhibits the growth of S180 tumour strain.
8. Protective effect on chromosomal damage, preventive effect on experimental atherosclerosis, also corrects protein metabolism disorders.


Oleanolic Acid Herbal Extract Powder CAS 508-02-1 Pharmaceutical Grade 1

Product Application of Oleanolic acid
Oleanolic acid is used as an adjunct to the treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis. It is used clinically for the treatment of acute and chronic viral hepatitis and has a significant effect on symptoms, signs and liver function. It also has the effects of correcting protein metabolism disorders, anti-inflammatory, cardiotonic, diuretic, raising white blood cells, hypoglycemic, promoting immune function and inhibiting the growth of S-180 tumour strain. It is used for acute jaundice and chronic hepatitis and has a significant effect on symptoms, signs and liver function.

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