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Name: Chicory Root Extract Inulin Other Name: Synanthrin
Appearance: White Powder Storage: Cool Dry Place
Shelf Life: 2 Years Purity: 99%
CAS: 9005-80-5 Experence: 10 Years Experience On Natural Ingredients Industry.

Product Description

Product Introduction

Chicory Root Extract Inulin is a reserve polysaccharide in plants. It is mainly derived from plants. There are more than 36,000 kinds of inulin. Among them, Jerusalem artichoke has the highest inulin content. Inulin molecules are formed by the polymerization of 31 β-D-frutofuranose and 1 to 2 pyraninose residues, and these molecules are specifically linked together to prevent digestion in the small intestine. Inulin is not digested, but enters the intestines as probiotics. Probiotics help cultivate and increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system


Product Description



Molecular Formula:C228H382O191

Molecular Weight: 6179.35808000012

Specifications: 90%

Appearance: White powder

Testing Method: HPLC

Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction



Loss on drying ≤4.5g/100g 3.08g/100g GB 5009.3
pH 5.0 ~ 7.0 6.4 MOH-No. 5 of 2009
Ash ≤0.2g/100g 0.10g/100g GB 5009.4
Identification:   Positive (+) --
Inulin (fructose polymers) ≥90.0g/100g 90.40g/100g Q/JW 0001 S-2018
Others (Glucose&fructose&sucrose) ≤10.0g/100g 9.60g/100g Q/JW 0001 S-2018
Heavy Metals ≤10ppm Qualified CP2010
Pb ≤0.2ppm Qualified GB 5009.268
As ≤0.2ppm Qualified GB 5009.268
Hg ≤0.1ppm Qualified GB 5009.268
Cd ≤0.1ppm Qualified GB 5009.268
Total Plate Count 1000cfu/g Max <130cfu/g GB 4789.2
Yeast&Mold 50cfu/g Max <15cfu/g GB 4789.15
E.Coli colonies/g Negative (-) Negative GB 4789.3
Samonella colonies/g Negative (-) Negative GB 4789.4
General Status
GMO Free None Qualified --
Non-Irradiation None Qualified --
Average degree of polymerization 10 Heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic) Max0.5ppm
Solution color white PH (30% aqueous solution) ≈6.0
Bulk density 0.6KG/L Solubility ≥100g/L
Dispersion Max1%lumps stability Thermally stable, not stable enough in acidic environment with PH value less than 3.5 Stability
Particle size <500μm taste Neutral, slightly sweet




-Chicory Root Extract Inulin can control blood lipids. Intake of inulin can effectively reduce serum total cholesterol (TC) and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), increase the ratio of high-density lipoprotein/low-density lipoprotein, and improve blood lipid status. Many dietary fibers absorb fat in the intestines to form a fat-fiber complex that is excreted in the feces, thereby reducing blood lipid levels. Moreover, inulin is fermented into short-chain fatty acids and lactate by itself before the end of the intestine, and lactate is a regulator of liver metabolism. Short-chain fatty acids (acetate and propionate) can be used as fuel in the blood, and propionate inhibits the synthesis of cholesterol.


-Inulin powder can lower blood sugar. Inulin is a carbohydrate that does not cause an increase in glucose in urine. It will not be hydrolyzed into monosaccharides in the upper part of the intestine, so it will not increase blood sugar levels and insulin content. Research now shows that the reduction of fasting blood glucose is the result of short-chain fatty acids produced by the fermentation of oligofructose in the colon.


Pure chitosan dietary supplement powder 0


-Inulin promotes the absorption of minerals. Inulin can greatly improve the absorption of Ca2+, Mg2+, Zn2+, Cu2+, Fe2+ and other minerals. According to reports, teenagers consumed 8 g/d (long and short-chain inulin-type fructans) for 8 weeks and 1 year, respectively, and found that both significantly increased the absorption of Ca2+, and the body's bone mineral content and density also increased significantly.


Pure chitosan dietary supplement powder 1


-Inulin can regulate the intestinal microflora, improve intestinal health, and prevent constipation. Inulin is a natural water-soluble dietary fiber, which can hardly be hydrolyzed and digested by gastric acid. It is only used by beneficial microorganisms in the colon to improve the intestinal environment. The intake of inulin can enhance gastrointestinal motility, improve gastrointestinal function, increase digestion and appetite, and improve immunity.


-Inulin can inhibit the production of toxic fermentation products, protect the liver, and prevent colon cancer. Food reaches the colon after digestion and absorption. Under the action of intestinal saprophytes (E. coli, Bacteroides, etc.), many toxic metabolites (such as ammonia, nitrosamines, phenol and cresol, secondary bile acids, etc.) can be produced ), and the short-chain fatty acids produced by the fermentation of inulin in the colon can lower the pH of the colon, inhibit the growth of saprophytes, reduce the production of toxic products, and reduce the stimulation of the intestinal wall. A series of metabolic activities of inulin can inhibit the production of toxic substances, increase the frequency and weight of bowel movements, increase the acidity of feces, accelerate the excretion of carcinogens, and produce short-chain fatty acids with anti-cancer effects, which is beneficial to the prevention of colon cancer.


-Inulin prevents constipation and treats obesity. Dietary fiber reduces the residence time of food in the gastrointestinal tract and increases the amount of feces to effectively treat constipation. Its weight loss effect is to increase the viscosity of the contents and reduce the speed of food from the stomach to the small intestine, thereby reducing hunger and reducing food intake.


-There are a small amount of 2-9 oligofructose in inulin. Studies have shown that oligofructose can increase the expression of trophic factors in brain nerve cells, and has a good protective effect on corticosterone-induced neuronal damage. Antidepressant effect.



Food application


1.Chicory Root Extract Inulin is used to process low-fat foods (such as cream, spreads). Inulin is an excellent fat substitute. When it is completely mixed with water, it will form a cream-like structure, which makes it easy to be in food. It replaces fat and provides smooth taste, good balance and full flavor. It can replace fat into fiber, increase the compactness and taste of the product, and stably improve the dispersion of emulsification. It can replace 30-60% of fat in cream and spread food processing.


2. Inulin is used to prepare high-fiber diets. Inulin has good solubility in water, which enables it to be combined with water-based systems. It is rich in water-soluble dietary fiber and does not cause precipitation problems like other fibers. Inulin is very convenient as a fiber ingredient and can improve sensory properties. They can help the human body to obtain a more balanced diet, so it can be used as a high-fiber food ingredient.


3. Inulin powder can be used as a proliferation factor of bifidobacteria and belongs to prebiotic food ingredients. Inulin can be used by beneficial bacteria in the human intestine, especially it can multiply bifidobacteria by 5 to 10 times, and at the same time, harmful bacteria will be significantly reduced, improving the distribution of human flora, and promoting health. Inulin has been listed as important Bifidobacterium growth factor.


Pure chitosan dietary supplement powder 2


4. Inulin is used in milk beverages, yogurt, and liquid milk. Add 2~5% inulin to milk beverages, yogurt, and liquid milk to make the product have the functions of dietary fiber and oligosaccharides. It can also increase the consistency, giving the product a thicker creamy taste, better balanced structure and Fuller flavor.


5. Inulin is used in bakery products. Inulin is added to bakery products to develop new concept breads, such as prebiotic bread, multi-fiber white bread and even multi-fiber gluten-free bread. Inulin can increase the stability of the dough, adjust the absorption of water, increase the volume of the bread, improve the uniformity of the bread crumb and the ability to form pieces.


6. Inulin is used in fruit juice drinks, functional water drinks, sports drinks, fruit juices, and jellies

Adding 0.8~3% of inulin to fruit juice beverages, functional water beverages, sports drinks, fruit juices, and jellies can make the beverage flavor stronger and have a better texture.


7. Inulin is used in milk powder, dried milk slices, cheese, and frozen desserts. Adding 8-10% inulin to milk powder, dried milk slices, cheese, and frozen desserts can make the product more functional. The flavor is stronger and the texture is better.


Inulin powder is very extensive in the food field, and it is also used in the cosmetics field. Inulin is used as an immunomodulator. Used in the fields of health care products and pharmaceuticals, as immunomodulators and immunostimulants



The main mechanism of inulin to promote the absorption of mineral elements


1) The short-chain fat produced by inulin fermented in the colon makes the crypts on the mucosa shallow, and the crypt cells increase to increase the absorption area, and the cecal veins are more developed.


2) The acid produced by inulin fermentation lowers the pH of the colon, which improves the solubility and bioavailability of many minerals. In particular, short-chain fatty acids can stimulate the growth of colonic mucosal cells and improve the absorption capacity of the intestinal mucosa;


3) Inulin can promote the secretion of phytase by some microorganisms, and phytase can release the metal ions chelated with phytic acid and promote its absorption.


4) Some organic acids produced by inulin fermentation can chelate with metal ions to promote the absorption of metal ions.


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