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Name: N-acetylneuraminic Acid Powder Other Name: Sialic Acid Powder,glycolic Acid
Appearance:: White Fine Powder Specification: 99%
Payment: T/T,Western,Union,Paypal Shelf Life: 2 Years
Experence: 10 Years Experience On Natural Ingredients Industry.

Product Description

Product Introduction

N-acetylneuraminic acid powder, also known as sialic acid, is a derivative of a group of neuraminidines (9-monosaccharides) and its scientific name is "N-acetyl-neuraminidine". It is a naturally occurring carbohydrate and widely exists in vertebrates, mammals and a variety of plant tissues.


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Certificate of Analysis

Product Name N-acetylneuraminic acid powder Source Fermentation
CAS No. 131-48-6 Standard Enterprise standard
ITEMS STANDARD Fermentation  
Appearance White fin powder Visual  
Smell Sweet and sour taste Organoleptic  
Assay NLT98.0% Enterprise standard  
SO42-(2% Solution) NMT0.05% CP2015  
pH 1.8~2.3 CP2015  
Loss on Drying NMT2.0% CP2015 (105 oC, 3 h)  
Ignition Residue NMT2.0% CP2015 (600 oC, 4 h)  
Aflatoxin B1 NMT5.0μg/kg CP2015  
Pb NMT0.8ppm CP2015(AAS)  
As NMT0.4ppm CP2015(AAS)  
Hg NMT0.2ppm CP2015(AAS)  
Total Plate Count NMT1,000cfu/g CP2015  
Yeasts/Moulds NMT100cfu/g CP2015  
Enterobacteriaceae NMT60MPN/100g CP2015  
Staphylococcus Aureus Not detected CP2015  
Salmonella Not detected CP2015  



(1) The antibacterial and detoxification mechanism of bird's nest acid polypeptide in the intestinal tract. In recent years, many international scientists have discovered that bird's nest acid on cell membrane proteins can improve cell recognition, detoxify cholera toxins, prevent pathological E. coli infection, and regulate blood The half-life of protein plays a key role.


(2) N-acetylneuraminic acid powder can increase the intestinal absorption capacity of vitamins and minerals. According to the simple physical phenomenon of opposite sex, the positively charged minerals and some vitamins (such as extremely small amounts of vitamins in food) enter the intestine. B12, etc.), it is easy to combine with the bird's nest acid which has a strong negative charge.


(3) The mechanism of bird's nest acid prolonging life expectancy N-acetylneuraminic acid powder has protective and stabilizing effects on cells. The lack of sialic acid can lead to the reduction of blood cell life and glycoprotein in metabolism.


(4) N-acetylneuraminic acid powder and the Intellectual Development of the Brain Bird's Nest Acid is a brain nutrient that acts on brain cell membranes and synapses. It can promote the development of memory and intelligence. Animal experiments have found that in the absence of bird's nest acid or very low bird's nest acid content, the learning and memory abilities of experimental animals are greatly reduced.


(5) The antiviral effect of bird's nest acid HA, one of the main antigenic proteins of influenza virus, is a receptor blocker. It is a major structural protein on the surface of influenza virus particles, which mediates the interaction between virus particles and host cell surface glycoprotein receptors. The sialic acid oligosaccharides bind to allow virus particles to enter the host cell.


(6) N-acetylneuraminic acid powder and Animal Immune System: The body's immunity is determined by the structure of polysaccharides containing sialic acid on the outermost layer of the cell surface. The structure of these polysaccharides has an immune response to familiar antigens.

N-acetylneuraminic acid powder dietary supplement powder 1



1. Maternal milk powder, infant formula milk powder-the future is immeasurable

2. In the field of cosmetics-women's beauty products

3. Dietary supplements-application can be expected

4. Pharmaceutical field

The marketing of N-acetylneuraminic acid is not only aimed at women. In addition to the maintenance and anti-aging effects for women, it also has the effects of enhancing immunity, promoting the development of intelligence and memory for babies, and the elderly are also a group that cannot be ignored.



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