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Product: Manufacturers Best Price Chitosan Powder 99% CAS 9012-76-4 Form: Powder
Color: White Powder Specilication: 99%
Latin Name: Chitosan Shelf Life: 2 Years
Test Method: HPLC/UV Variety: Le-nutra
High Light:

CAS 9012-76-4 Chitosan Powder


99% Chitosan Powder


Anti Tumor Chitosan Powder

Product Description

Product Introduction

Chitosan powder 99% CAS 9012-76-4, also known as deacetylchitin, soluble chitin and poly (glucosamine), is chemically named β- (1,4) -2-amino-2-deoxy-d-glucan, which is obtained by deacetylation of Chitosan to remove the acetyl group on C2. Chitosan is white or grayish white, slightly pepearl luster, translucent amorphous solid, decomposition at about 185℃, insoluble in water and dilute alkali solution, soluble in dilute organic acid and part of inorganic acid (hydrochloric acid), but insoluble in dilute sulfuric acid, dilute nitric acid, dilute phosphoric acid, oxalic acid, etc.

Product Description

Chitosan CAS 9012-76-4 EINECS:222-311-2

Specification:99% Apperance :White Powder

MF :(C6H11NO4)N MW :≤3000 Da

TTesting Method: HPLC Shelf Life :2 Years


Certificate of Analysis

Product Name Chitosan powder 99% CAS 9012-76-4 Part Used Shell
Item Specification Method Result
Physical Property      
Appearance White Powder Organoleptic Conforms
Loss on Drying <5.0%   3.82%
Ignition Ash <5.0%   0.35%
Active Ingredient      
D.A.C 99% HPLC/UV Conforms
Heavy Metal <10.0mg/kg   Conforms
Mercury(Hg) <0.1mg/kg   Conforms
Total Plate Count <3000cfu/g   Conforms
Yeast &Mold <100cfu/g   Conforms

Funcation of Chitosan powder 99% CAS 9012-76-4

Chitosan powder 99% CAS 9012-76-4 is a natural polymer is rare in alkaline polysaccharide, insoluble in water and organic solvents, soluble in Ph < 6.5 of dilute acid in dilute acid, the amino glucose into R - NH3 +, polycation gel solution formed .

Chitosan CAS 9012-76-4 is widely used in biomedicine and preparation due to its biodegradability, low toxicity and good biocompatibility. It is found that chitosan has the properties of anti-acid, anti-ulcer and promoting wound healing. As an excipient of various dosage forms, chitosan can be used as tablet disintegrating agent, adhesive, granule, eye film agent, etc. Chitosan can become a new nano drug carrier, and its unique mucosal adhesion is one of the main factors.

Application of Chitosan powder 99% CAS 9012-76-4

1.Medical fiber and membrane materials                                                        2.Drug carrier

3. Health food                                                                                                  4.Blood coagulation function

5. Antitumor effect                                                                                            6. Boost immunity

7. Lower fat and cholesterol                                                                             8. cosmetics

9. antisepsis                                                                                                     10. Food packaging film



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