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Product Name: Ginger Powder Appearance: Light Yellow Powder
Taste: Spicy And Aromatic Specification: 99%
Shelf Life: 2 Years Test Method: HPLC
Storage: Cool Dry Place
High Light:

Genger Dietary Supplement Powder


Spicy Aromatic Pure Ginger Powder


99% powdered ginger

Product Description


Le-Nutra pure ginger powder ground ginger Powdered Ginger Genger Dietary Supplement Powder



Base information of Product



Product Name Ginger powder
Appearance         Light yellow powder
Taste        Spicy and aromatic
Active ingredients        99%
Shelf Life        2 years




Introduction of Product


Ginger powder is a kind of powder, the main material is ginger, ginger powder has the function of warm, excited, sweating, vomiting, detoxification, warm lung cough and other effects, especially for fish crab poison, Pinellia pinellia, araceae and other drug poisoning detoxification. Suitable for exogenous cold, headache, phlegm, cough, stomach cold and vomiting; After being attacked by snow, snow, wet water and cold, drink it with ginger soup in a hurry to increase blood flow and disperse cold evil.


Function and Application of Product


1. Ginger powder as the internal heat source:

Ginger powder with boiling water, or ginger powder into a paste slowly swallowed, ginger powder can also be boiled with water for a few minutes before drinking, ginger powder amount refers to the original point of adult daily ginger dosage and combined with their own feelings, and Can relieve external cold, headache, phlegm, cough.


Ground Genger Dietary Supplement Powder Spicy Aromatic Pure Ginger Powder 0


2. Ginger powder can be used as an external heat source:

Ginger powder after high temperature treatment and cooling in the fester, broken skin, to be thinly scattered so as not to fester, no clothing covered wounds do not need to be wrapped and keep dry as far as possible, the wounds covered by clothing can be wrapped and fixed with medical gauze, to avoid friction with clothes. When replacing the gauze, wet the gauze first and then slowly uncover it to avoid hurting the skin.

Ginger powder after high temperature treatment, with warm ginger water into ginger mud can be used in small wounds and no wounds of induration, lumps, skin diseases and other affected areas, ginger mud warm application can be depending on the specific situation of the bandage gauze, the outer layer can also be affixed with warm paste, keep warm to accelerate the repair of body wounds.


3. Ginger powder in daily application:


Ginger powder as a seasoning, adding an appropriate amount of ginger powder when cooking can not only improve the taste, but also serve as a kind of health care.

Ginger paint teeth, can replace toothpaste to brush teeth, toothbrush dipped in a small amount of ginger powder to brush teeth, to promote the recovery of some oral diseases, but also using this method to brush teeth is economic and environmental protection.


Ginger powder as a mask, with the appropriate proportion of ginger powder and flour to warm the boiling water into a paste can be used as a mask, beginning to suggest flour, ginger powder according to the weight ratio 2: 1 (ginger powder is too heavy to apply on the face will be very spicy, if it is more sensitive skin, it is recommended to lower the amount of ginger powder), and then adjust according to their feelings (each person's skin bears different conditions, the above ratio is only for reference, not absolute).


Ground Genger Dietary Supplement Powder Spicy Aromatic Pure Ginger Powder 1

Ginger powder, wash face, bath, wash a face or a bath there are two kinds of methods, method one: wet will wash area with warm water, then a suitable amount of ginger powder rub with water after rub evenly in the wash, rub a place soon get hot, spicy, even this approach excitant strong, pay attention to when rubbed don't put the ginger powder, in the eye or eyes will hot very afflictive, Method two: put an appropriate amount of ginger powder into the face (bath) of warm water to melt directly wash it, this method is not so strong, for health care, generally use the second method can be, if the body is uncomfortable, it is recommended to use the first. Whichever one of the above methods can lead to better skin and better health over the long term.


Soak your feet with ginger powder, put an appropriate amount of ginger powder into water and boil it to a proper temperature to soak your feet.








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