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Product Name: Haemachrome Iron Polypeptide Appearance: Brown Powder
CAS No.: 14875-96-8 EINECS No.: 14875-96-8
Specification: 98% Molecular Formula: C34H32ClFeN4O4
Molecular Weight: 651.94 Shelf Life: 2 Years
Test Method: HPLC Storage: Cool Dry Place
High Light:

98% Dietary Supplement Powder


C34H32ClFeN4O4 heme iron polypeptide


HIP Heme Iron Powder

Product Description



Le-Nutra Haemachrome iron polypeptide HIP heme iron powder iron supplement Dietary Supplement Powder
Base information of Product

Product Name Haemachrome iron polypeptide
Appearance         Brown powder
Cas No.        14875-96-8
Active ingredients        98%
Shelf Life        2 years

Introduction of Product


Haemachrome iron polypeptide HIP (also known as Heme iron) , it's iron that binds to porphyrin in hemoglobin and myoglobin

Haemachrome iron polypeptide is absorbed directly by intestinal mucosal epithelial cells in the form of porphyrin iron syringi. Generally not affected by inhibiting factors such as phytic acid or promoting factors such as VC. What affects the absorption of both types of iron is the amount of iron stored in the body.



Function of Product

Help people with too little Haemachrome iron polypeptide intake:
Iron deficiency anemia is a common disease in infants. It is mainly caused by iron deficiency. In infants and young children, the source of iron is largely dependent on food. Iron in food comes from two sources:

One is Haemachrome iron polypeptide which comes from foods high in animal protein, such as lean meat, liver, blood and fish, that are not only high in iron, but are absorbed without being affected by other foods in the diet.
The other is non-Haemachrome iron polypeptide which comes from plant-based foods such as vegetables, grains and red beans.

In the baby feeding, many parents like to give the baby to eat fish, shrimp (shrimp iron content is low), feel meat is not easy to cook, the baby can not chew, not easy to digest; Think liver is detoxification organ, there are a lot of "poison" and rarely eat to the baby, as a result of the intake of heme iron is insufficient. It also reduces the absorption of non-heme iron. To prevent iron deficiency anaemia, in addition to encouraging breastfeeding (iron absorption in breast milk is high), formula should be used when breast milk is insufficient. After 4 months to add a strengthened nutrition of rice noodles, after 6 months should gradually add liver mud, meat mud to increase heme iron. In addition, we should also supplement vegetables and fruits at the same time. The fruits rich in vitamin C include oranges, kiwi, strawberries, etc., which are best eaten immediately after meals to promote iron absorption, so that the effect will be better.

98% Dietary Supplement Powder Haemachrome Iron Polypeptide HIP Heme Iron Powder 0




Application of Product


Haemachrome iron polypeptide has been used in food, medicine, cosmetics and fine chemical industry widely, and has attracted more and more attention. In addition to being a good iron supplement for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia, with high bioavailability and no adverse reactions such as iron accumulation poisoning and gastrointestinal irritation, Haemachrome iron polypeptide also can be used as a food coloring agent and a raw material for pharmaceuticals.



Preparation Methods


Haemachrome iron polypeptide is obtained from hemoglobin after treatment with protease. It is generally made from pig blood, ostrich blood and other animal blood as raw material, separated by centrifugation to remove the upper serum layer, and the lower layer of red blood cells as base material, extracted by enzymatic method, isoelectric point method, carboxymethyl cellulose method, sodium acetate method, tannic acid method, ultrasonic method, etc., and then spray dried.






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