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Business Skills Training

May 24, 2021

Latest company news about Business Skills Training

Today, all the salespersons of our company went to a training course about how to release products and how to release better products.


We are a plant extract company, and the products we deal in include plant extracts, dietary supplements, and finished capsules. Product release is very important, because it can attract customers, and only when customers have orders, in order to supply goods to more foreign customers.


The most important thing is the keywords. The keywords are selected and the layout is good, so that customers can search for our products. Otherwise, the products we publish will be ineffective. Keywords can choose some popular keywords, keywords that customers frequently search, it is best to make a keyword table before releasing the product. The first step in releasing a product is to choose a good picture. There are 6 pictures in total, and each picture must be a real one taken by yourself, and a picture of every angle of the main product. It is best to record a video, so that it is more real, followed by product content, text, tables, and pictures. The richer the better. Product prices cannot be written too high or too low.


The content of the training is also very important. After the training, you need to go back to the actual operation. Combining the training knowledge, I hope that every salesperson will grow up.

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